4 Things You Should Not To Do With Your Residential Junk

The biggest dilemma after sorting your junk is what to do with it. Your residential junk could include almost everything from broken furniture, worn clothes, broken equipment, torn books and boxes full of other unwanted materials. Your main instinct, after every spring cleaning, is to get rid of the junk; following are a few points that must be refrained from. The best thing could be that you contact junk removal Brooklyn and get junk removed easily.

1. Dumping

This is by far the most popular actions by people; to dump their junk at the corner of the street or in a lonely alley. There is always a better method for dumping unwanted junk; however, much of our garbage is toxic and non-environmental friendly such as old cartridges, old printers and broken recorders and if you’re unsure on how to such wastes must be disposed of with proper recycling and companies like Jiffy Junk are available that do junk removal Brooklyn in a less-hazardous manner.

2. Burning It

People might see this as a good option to ‘vanish’ their junk but it’s the worst method to opt for. It not only adversely affects you but also affects the environment and those around you. It causes an increase in the air pollution by the soot, ash, smoke and carbon emissions. Plastics, rubber and other man-made materials are the major problematic materials that release toxic substances when burned. The emissions irritate your lungs and are cause of diseases like cancer and asthma. The better method is to dispose man-made materials in the dump, use organic wastes to form compost and recycle shredded paper.

3. Leaving on The Street

You might thing you’re adding to a benevolent cause, by leaving your belongings like sofas, couches, lamps, shoes and other times, with a ‘free’ sign. Of course, it can assist those who are in dire need but the bigger picture clearly shows that you’re exposing others to unsanitary conditions and diseases as the junk may not be picked up immediately. The better option is to host a yard sale or putting up your items on an online selling website. You could also put your materials for donation through authentic channels. Donations can also be made to a Goodwill or Salvation Army!

4. Burying It

This is also one of the methods that you might think of when trying to get rid of your junk. Burying is one of the methods which disturb the environment; buried liquids could leach the soil whereas other biodegradable material like plastics can stay a long time. Thus, causing adverse effects to the soil, animals and insects that live near.

As easy as it is to dump burn or bury your unwanted junk – the other side of the picture must always be considered. At the Jiffy Junk, we provide the most adequate, environmental-friendly, and stress-free junk removal Brooklyn. Thus, you no longer have to feel intimated by the colossal junk at your homes along with the tedious effort that comes along with when figuring out ways to get rid of it.