Interesting Myths and Facts About Cough and Cold

As you will read this article below you will realize that how many myths of cold and cough you were following blindly without knowing its authenticity and there are so many factors about the common cold and cough that you never knew existed before.

Myths About Cold and Cough

  1. Being Cold Causes Cold

This is surely an old school myth when women used to take all sorts of prevention measures during the cold winter season. This is due to most of the population catching a cold in the winter months. Cold and cough is caused by a virus and not by seasons.

  1. Antibiotics Cure Cold And Cough

When you or your family gets cold and cough, you immediately take over the counter medicines and antibiotics for the treatment. But what you do not know is that antibiotics treat bacteria and not viruses. However, there are many homeopathic remedies for cold and cough which have no side effects and are suitable and effective for all ages.

  1. Avoid Dairy Products

Another widespread myth is that you should avoid dairy products when you have a cold and cough as it dairy products make your phlegm or mucus thicker. This is wrong as there is no relationship between dairy products and the mucus production.

  1. Starve Your Fever

Sometimes you also get a fever during cold and cough and the most popular myth is that you should starve yourself in a fever as it will cure it. However, it is the opposite you should increase your intake of fluids when you have a fever as water balance the body temperature.

  1. Cold Turns Into Flu

This is also completely wrong as the flu is caught from a different virus while cold is caught from a different virus and a cold will stay cold and will not turn into flu.

Facts About Cold And Cough

  1. There Is No Cure For The Common Cold

Yes, this a fact that the common cold will take its time period of around 4 to 10 days to completely finish and there is no proper cure for it. However, using homeopathic remedies for cold and cough can lessen the pain and uneasiness.

  1. Sneezing Is Contagious

You will be shocked to know that that the droplets from a sneeze can travel up to 100 miles per hour and approximately at a distance of 6 feet. So you should stay clear of s sneezing person.

  1. Wash Your Hands

The best prevention of a cold and cough is to wash your hands a lot. You should wash your hands after everything, eating drinking, driving working or anything as germs can be anywhere.

  1. Hundreds Of Types

Approximately more than 200 viruses cause different types of colds and the most common of them all is the Rhinoviruses. This type of virus can survive for around 3 hours outside the body and can sometimes stay for up to 48 hours on touchable objects such as door handles, switches, toys, poles, cabinets, remotes.

  1. You Cannot Run Away From Cold

Adults catch a cold around twice a year while kids around 8 to 12 times a year. Using homeopathic remedies for a cough and cold are extremely helpful in easing the symptoms.

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