How to Choose Grille Guards for Trucks?

Grille guards are used for both protection and adding style to your truck. It may not be the first thing owners would opt for but it is popular. There are several types available in the market but not every one of them is going to suit your truck. Let us share some tips as to how can you choose the perfect grille guard.

1. Considering Coverage

As already mentioned, there are several types of truck bumper guards available in the market. The first thing you will need to do is, check the coverage as well as your needs. You can then search online or visit a couple of shops to gain some basic knowledge about them.

2. Full Grille Guards

As the name suggests, Full grille guards cover the entire front of your vehicle and they are the perfect choice for someone looking for the same purpose. Usually it consists of a pair of members bolted to the body of your truck along with horizontal tubes that cover the grille as well as the headlights.

3. Center Grille Guards

Center Grille guards are almost similar to Full Grille Guards and only differ when it comes to protecting the front of the headlights as they lack the frame to protect them. The protection offered is quite good and sometimes they allow you to mount accessories such as off-road lights.

4. Bull Bars

Bull bars were originally designed and manufactured for some serious level off road driving. On the other hand, it was initially designed to help and assist the truck climb over rocks. The bar causes the vehicle to bounce, which enables it to drive over rocks and cover slopes that are steep.

5. Skid Plates

Skid plates are installed on the underside of the vehicle and they are used to protect it while driving off-road. These plates can also be installed underneath vehicles that have a low height so that the underside remains protected. 

6. Trident Maverick Bull Bar

Trident Maverick Bull Bar truck bumper guard is 3 inches thick and is in for some serious protection. It has both style and sophistication that makes a perfect combo. It is available for a wide variety of trucks and requires no drilling on most applications.

7. Aries Grille Guard

Aries Grille Guard has been designed to hug the front of your truck with no drilling action. A sturdy grilled guard comes on-piece welded on most cars. Auxiliary holes are already pre-drilled if you need to add some auxiliary light in the future as well.

8. Dee Zee NXb Bull Bar

If you are looking for something that is powerful in protection as well as illumination, then this bar is the right choice for you. Dee Zee bull bar is also 3 inches thick and comes with a cutout that allows you to mount a 20-inch LED light bar. Of Course the light is sold separately, but going for the bull bar will have your tough question answered.


With some of the best bull bars mentioned and how to go about choosing truck bumper guards, we are sure to have given you a head start to go with something that is the best value for money.

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