How to secure your medical images forever in a DICOM cloud storage?

We cannot think a day without using cloud storage. Yes, you heard it right. How can we even think of working on something and not making a backup in Drive or Dropbox? At least I cannot believe. I know you do the same. It gives you breezing access to all your works from anywhere. I also know what you are thinking.

What is DICOM cloud storage?


It is dedicated Medical imaging storage solutions for all kinds of medical images. The storages are connected with PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) servers. The storages can store and access all types of DICOM format images through the server.

Thus, you can save or access any radiology or other images in this storage. These storages are great platforms for hospitals to share images with other health care facilities and professionals. In specific cases, a patient can give access to the treating doctor.

How can you access images in this storage?

Most of the DICOM online viewer comes with a PACS storage facility. Therefore, if you have an account with that specific viewer, you can access the associated files upon approval. You have to get the approved credentials to access your or your loved ones medical images from a hospital’s cloud storage.

When you have the correct credentials, you can access those images from your laptops, PCs’, tablet, or even smartphones. How great is that? The HTML5 DICOM viewer opens and displays those images for you.

Are DICOM storages safe for medical information?


Yes, your medical information will be safe in those PACS supported storages. The cloud management companies maintain secure storage and access. Moreover, they provide multi-layer authentication for accessing the images.

The DICOM storages comply with GDRP, HIPAA, and other legal exclusions on personal privacy. Thus, no one can access your medical information without your consent — not even medical personals.

What are the best DICOM cloud storages?


There is no short of quality DICOM cloud storage on the web. These virtual vaults will provide both the security of data and serenity of mind. Next time when you are scratching your head for safe and convenient DICOM storage, try one these:

  • postDICOM
  • boxDICOM
  • HORO Cloud Storage
  • Surgidex
  • Zurili

Can I use regular file-sharing services for my medical images instead of DICOM storages?


Yes, you can. However, that will be neither safe nor convenient. Safety is the foremost issue. Encryption and authentication are not that strong in regular file-sharing services. Moreover, they do not comply entirely with HIPAA and GDRP. Therefore, privacy will always be an issue.

Medical image files are one of the densest and detailed records. Thus, they will consume a massive amount of space. Unless you have a paid big-sized storage service, you cannot keep those images in regular storages.

Health professionals always discourage to save any medical information in regular file sharing platforms. Sometimes you do not even remember with whom you shared a specific file. Then both your privacy and security can be threatened.

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