5 Best Mason Jar Salad Ideas for Your Healthy Lunch

Are you tired of your boring old lunch every day? Are you a working mother of 2 to 3 kids who has to balance between home, office, and kids and has, no time to prepare lunch for herself in the process? Are you a workaholic who needs healthy and portable lunch which makes you feel full and energetic and is full of health? Then you have come to the right place.

This article will tell you how to make the best mason jar salads. Mason jar salads are a healthy alternative to your lunch, they are small and portable and can be easily fixed in your lunch bag, the ingredients used are the perfect balance between nutrition and health plus they will not get soggy with the dressing due to the layering done. The best part is they can be quickly prepared or can even be prepared a week before, so your time will also not be wasted. Plus, they are delicious.

1) Chicken and Lettuce Salad with Honey Mustard

This is one of the best mason jar salads as it has proteins, carbs and fiber and the perfect taste. Season chicken breast with kosher salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. Fry on both sides and cut into cubes. To make the honey mustard sauce, combine Greek yogurt, clean yellow mustard, raw honey and lemon juice Nd mix them. To assemble pour the dressing in a mason jar first, add the diced baby tomatoes, diced chicken, diced cucumbers, chopped almonds and top with crumbled goat cheese and fill with baby greens on top as much as possible.

2) Creamy Ranch Pasta Salad

Boil pasta as per your choice. Pour bottled ranch dressing in a mason jar, add diced broccoli, diced tomato, diced onions, diced carrots and then peas. Top with pasta and goat cheese.

3) Chicken Taco Salad

This is a very healthy alternative to your regular lunch and a complete meal in the form of best mason jar salads. Make taco dressing by combining equal parts of nonfat Greek yogurt and taco sauce. You will need diced southwestern-seasoned chicken for which you can southwestern and taco seasoning to your regular cooked chicken. Pour 1/4 dressing in your mason jar, add chicken, canned black beans, fresh or frozen corns, shredded Mexican 4 cheese, tomatoes and lots of romaine lettuce in the order respectively.

4) Greek Salad

Add 2 to 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar on a mason jar, add sliced tomatoes, diced cucumber, boiled chickpeas, diced red onion, diced grilled chicken, black and green olives, feta cheese and lots of romaine lettuce on top.

5) Strawberry Spinach Salad

Pour a vinaigrette dressing with poppy seeds in your mason jar, add diced red onions, diced cucumbers, lots of diced strawberries, asparagus, diced grilled chicken seasoned with kosher salt and black pepper, diced avocado, chopped or full almonds and lots and lots of spinach. This citrus flavored and tangy salad with lots of crunchy vegetables is ideal for lunch and dinners.