Tips to Know About the Best Phones for Rural Areas

As you know it’s a thing of hit and miss of Australia’s hugeness that makes getting its mobile reception outside of the coaster areas. Let alone consistent reception, you can get it tricky to find reception on your mobile device at the greatest of time. That means you’ll have to choose the mobile service provider that’s available in the areas you stay, work, and visit.

Fortunately, you don’t need getting worried as Telstra has stepped up to the most rural and remote regions of the country as it is well renowned for the best phone plans. So, you can understand that we’re going to learn about mobile providers that are best to meet your needs. As a result, simply continue reading the entire content up to the end and you’ll know the right answer of the title issue.

‘Telstra Tick’ Program

The Tick program of Telstra is a series of tests of the biggest Telcos of Australia that has decided the classes of A, B, and C. In these classes, ‘C’ has been put the ‘Blue Tick’ that means it’s certified as the best-modeled provider. It’s the class that’s the best for the bush and it has been ticked by Telstra.

Before 2017, the ratings of the Blue Tick were just 3G that was owed to the larger spanning 3G network of Telstra. After that in April 2017, it was changed and the first ever 4G Blue Tick phone came out that was Galaxy S8 series.

Phones Are Best in the Bush

Some of the widely famous smartphones are on the list of Telstra Tick certification that is the largest bonus of this program. So, you’ll be able to avoid buying inferior or obscure smartphones. Also, you’ll find some of them are just come with a plan, but others come with shopping mobile phones outright from Telstra and other providers.

Currently, there are some handsets with available devices such as Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 6s. Also, you can get Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e plus Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

Things to Do While Your Phone Is Not On the List

If you find your phone is not on the list, then don’t get panic. When your phone is not on the Telstra list, it doesn’t mean it’s not able to run in the rural area. If you’re in the area with unreliable reception of coverage, you’ll find there the Telstra Tick is as peace of mind. This is because it helps to get the decision of which handset you should buy for the next time.

Also, you’ll get some older handsets that go with the tick programs, so you should not be buying the latest and luxury phones. For example, it’s Okay if you have iPhone 4S, 5C & 6S or Samsung Galaxy S5. Even you’re well set with Nokia Lumia 625 & 520 and Blackberry Z30. That means you should keep in mind that testing may take a little bit of time. As a result, if you find your phone is not on the list then you should not expect to see Blue Tick certification promptly.

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