8 Essential Tips – How To Remove Basement Odor?

Most of the times, when the basement cleaning services are hired, it is because of the ever-growing odor in the basement. Basement always consists of a specific odor but if your reek of mold or other types of disgusting scents then you might be having some problem down there.

Removing Basement Odor

In order to remove such vile scents, you must first find out the cause of it. Is it the pipes, or the growing mold on the walls and doors, is it merely suffocation because of closed doors or is it a dead animal underneath the furniture?! Find out the cause and then work on removing the problem.

1) Pipes

Usually, the basement is smelly because of the leakage in pipes. Check your basement sealing carefully for any type of leakage in the pipes. Such leakages can cause some bad smells as well.

2) Mold or Mildew

Due to the doors remaining closed off most of the times, mold and mildew cover up your walls or corners or doors. Remove them immediately because apart from the musk, they grow quite fervently and damages the walls, furniture and basically anything in their path. So remove it by either applying some home remedies or by hiring the basement cleaning services.

3) Dead Animal

Check your basement for any dead rodent or other such animals. Animals decompose faster hence they start to smell more quickly. That odor is difficult to avoid and it attracts all sorts of insects and other bugs towards it hence creating an even bigger problem.

4) Dehumidifier

Sometimes keeping the basement closed at all times can cause humidity to grow down there. This results in a very foul smell in the basement. Get yourself a dehumidifier and if possible then leave the doors and windows opened for a while so that fresh air might come in.

5) Clean Your Basement

Keep your basement clean. At least clean it out on daily basis. Remove all the possible trash down there and sprinkle some water and borax solution on doors and corners or the walls to prevent mold or mildew. Also, use dehumidifiers and in the end, a freshener. Before using an air freshener, keep the doors and windows open for a while. Turn on the fans and let the air flow freely.

6) Air Out the Furniture

Once a month, put all your furniture out in the sun and dust them properly. Clean it out as well and use cleaners if you must. Basement cleaning is usually avoided until the very last minute so whenever you do get time for cleaning, do so thoroughly.

7) Fix All the Possible Problems

Fix all the possible troubles like the washroom trouble, pipe leakage, trash picking etc. do not keep such items in your basement which have a strong odor as it can cause it to accumulate up to large levels. The reason is that such scents tend to be higher because the basement door remains closed hence avoiding the air to flow in and out.

8) Hire Cleaners

If you do all of this and yet are engulfed by strange odors when you enter your basement then hire the basement cleaning services and let them do your job for you in a very neat and immaculate manner.