Top Most SEO Ranking Factors

So this article will mainly talk about a few of the most essential and vital ranking factors that are still dominating even in the year of 2018. Keep reading to know more.

So according to the Google search engine ranking factors, there are actually 3 most important things that we will need to consider this year, even in 2018. The first one is linked, the second one is contented and last but not the least is the Google Rank Brain algorithm. So let’s discuss one by one.

Google Rank Brain

Well after the very recent updates, Google Rank Brain algorithm is still considered as an essential search engine ranking factor. Basically, it’s a machine learning algorithm which figures out the interaction between the users and the results in the first page of Google. So if the users are pretty much happy with the result of the first page, then Google Rank Brain prioritize that pages and rank it. On the other side, if the users are dissatisfied with any of the results in the first page and quickly hit the back button, then Google Rank Brain de-rank that particular page. So this is how the Google Rank Brain algorithm actually works.

How to optimize for Google Rank Brain

So to optimize the website according to Google rank brain algorithm, the thing that needs to be done in the beginning is to improve the CTR which is also known as click-through rate and in order to improve the CTR what needs to be done is to modify the title tag quite tactically because title tag is the very first thing that appears in the result of the first page. So the more attractive the title tag, the highest click it will receive from the searchers.

And another way is to optimize the website according to the Google rank brain algorithm is that the bounce rate of the website needs to be improved and one way to perform that is by adding high-quality contents together with relevant images, videos, infographics, graphs and so on. So that the users won’t hit the back button so quickly and enjoy going through the content.


The second most important Google search engine ranking factor is the content which really plays an essential role to get ranked on top of Google. The content must need to be high in quality with lots of useful information together with the real-life example so that the users will find more interest in reading that. Besides, the content must be optimized according to on page SEO factors like title tag, meta description tag, image alt tag, multimedia, external and internal links and so on.


Last but not the least Google ranking factor is a link. In terms of building backlinks for a website, there are few things that need to be kept in mind like link must have to come from high authority and relevant website and it should do follow. The specialists of SEO firm New York are continuously implementing new link building strategies to help their clients’ websites get on top of Google.

So these three are the topmost search engine ranking factors. So once rightly followed, the good result must be expected. That’s all for today and thanks for reading!

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