SEO Secrets Nobody Will Tell You

SEO is all about ranking a website in top search results, bring more traffic on the website through organic ways, improve the brand recognition, and make more sales by converting more visitors into customers. There are a lot of things basic SEO services do in order to help their clients. But these companies don’t share each and everything with the clients. If you want to learn from basic SEO services, they will hardly help you. However, we have made a list of things most people will not tell you about SEO.

  1. You Can Use Google to Become SEO Expert

Nowadays, Google is everything and it is getting even smarter with time. There was a time when Google referred us to certain pages for short answers but now display everything without making us clicking a page. It can answer many questions, do calculations etc. SEO has become a great source of earning and you can learn by just using Google, some website of famous SEO gurus, watching videos and doing more research.

  1. Good Content is not Enough

It is often heard that content is king. But what would the king do if there’s no kingdom? You can create really good content but it must be seen. There should be people who read it, share and are convinced to read more about the business or brand. There is a lot of more hard work when you are done with content. The hard work involves bringing more people on the website who can read the good content.

  1. You Don’t Know Everything

SEO is a huge area and there are even further areas in SEO. If any individual or any digital marketing agency claims they are expert and know everything, you should doubt it. It keeps changing with time and many people fail to deliver with the changes. Google has new policies regarding content, backlinks, SEO, search results, penalties, and other important elements. Anyone can know a lot but not everything.

  1. It’s Impossible to Guarantee Rankings

Most of the basic SEO services and digital marketing expert claim they can guarantee the first spot in the ranking but that seems too good to be true. No one can assure the top slot because there is a lot of competition and everyone is fighting for the top position of their brands. You may land the top slot but it may not last for a long time, rather it needs a lot of work over the years. So don’t believe in anyone who says they know how to make your brand a top one in search results.

  1. Going Viral is Really Hard

People think they can go viral and their business may earn the fame overnight. This may happen on social sites but it is rare. And when it comes to search engines, going viral is too difficult to achieve. If you have something very extraordinary and it catches the attention of the people, your content or brand may go viral but it will be paid. Even the biggest brands had spent years of hard work to achieve what they are now.

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