Helpful Tips to Choose the Perfect Ski Helmet

Several types of helmets are out there and most skiers use the “half shell” that just covers the head. It means that if you choose this type of helmet then you have to use ear muff separately. This type can be a bit cheap snowboard helmet.

But, you should pick the “full face” helmets for the utmost safety as they come with the design of whole shell protection. Full protection is usually essential for beginners and children. That means when you’ll buy a helmet for skiing, you have to follow some rules for the best one just like the other ski gears like Patagonia fleece womens.

So, we’re going to share some useful tips that will help you to choose your perfect ski helmet. Now, let’s know them below.

Types of Ski Helmets

As you already have known about the types of ski helmets are ‘Half Face’ and ‘Full Face’. It’s easy to understand that half-face ski helmets will not cover your entire face from your head to jaw. If you like to cover your whole face then you have to go with the second on, full face.

You already might have seen many skiers are wearing half-face helmets. It’s because most of them are expert skiers. If you’re a beginner, you must wear the full-face helmet that will protect you from possible accidents.

Safety & MIPS Integration

While going to shop a helmet, ensure that it meets ASTM F2040 for the USA and CE EN 1077 for European standards. Also, they have to come with strict safety standards when children’s helmets are less heavy than adults. If you buy a helmet from a reputable retailer, they’ll necessarily meet these requirements.

When it comes to MIPS, it stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection. These new technologies have invented and most likely the most commonly used is MIPS with the consciousness of various head injuries. After introducing MIPS, head injuries have reduced significantly.

Construction of Ski Helmet

The methods of construction of helmets are a very important factor and should consider strongly. There are different construction methods of ski helmets like injection, in-mold, and hybrid. The first one, injection mold, is very basic and the traditional design for ski helmets that have made from the hard, tough shell of ABS and EPS.

They’re round in shape because of their construction method. While talking about in-mold helmets, many new users like to use them for their lightweight design. Besides, the hybrid ski helmets are the latest ones and they’re very expensive as well.

Fit & Comfort

This is important to pick the perfect fitting helmet for snowboarding and skiing. But, it’s easy to get while having the right measurement of your head. Also, you can check the chart of the manufacturer to get the right one to fit well your head.

Go for the bigger one if you’re at the upper part of size. Even you should allow a single centimeter if you’re going to sport beanie or some other types of things.

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