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Your Guide to Aura Reading

According to experts on alternative healing courses, an aura is a physical perception of one’s energy. It is an energy spectrum, which can be seen through the naked eye.

We all agree that everything in our universe is energy and energy exists in a broad spectrum. What’s interesting is that humans are also representations of energy. Some humans emit bad aura while other emit a positive aura.

The Good and The Bad

Let’s leave aura and alternative healing courses for a side. Let’s talk about your friends and people you don’t like very much. Ask yourself, the people you like, do you feel calm in their presence? Do you feel that you are appreciated, loved, supported or do you feel that they have drained you of your energy?

The people with whom you feel good, they emit positive energy and so they emit a positive aura.

Seeing an Aura

The basic principle of seeing an aura is to be in harmony with the universe. The process of aura identification begins by closing your eyes with focused aligned breaths. Now, you need to ask the colors to show themselves to you.

Once we start experiencing a condition of relaxed awareness, we will be able to identify the auras around us. Mind you, the process of seeing an aura demands a lot of practice. As we are evolved biological living organisms, we perform way too much filtering through our receptor organs so direct vision is affected by lightning speed editing of our processing brains.

If you have made up your mind to take long distance energy healing courses and want to see an aura, start the practice of gazing. Gaze at a focused point for about 30 – 60 seconds (0.5 – 1 minute) and allow softening of your gaze. With the passage of time, you will notice that objects outside the direct sight zone will start appearing in your peripheral vision.

NOTE: When you are gazing, if you start straining your eyes by focusing too much, you will only hurt your eyes. The key to master this technique is through proper breathing. Softly breathe while softly focusing on a particular entity.

Location of Aura

If you take help from Kirlian photos, you will observe the fields around the head and chest but in reality, auras surround our whole body. In the absence of modern equipment and heavy investment, one can identify aura through colors.

Aura and Colors

Notice the texture and colors when observing an aura. If they are smooth or puzzled lined, they indicate the present state of energy of a person. If you observe large blocks of color, it means you are witnessing the guides of that human. Similarly, the color of an aura also holds significance. A red aura around the chest region may indicate a frustrated soul while white color is normally used to indicate the presence of a very advanced soul.

Remember that auras represent the present state of the body. As you grow older and get more life experiences, your aura will change. To reflect upon your efforts, take help from long distance energy healers.

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