Why Use Douches For Yeast Infections?

Regardless of how rigorously you clean yourself up from the outside, sometimes it is important to clean up the insides much like the outside so that you feel more comfortable and confident.

Yeast infections in the vaginal area are very common in women, and they can be a nuisance because of the rashes and itches they cause especially if you move around a lot. The yeast infection almost always accompanies a disturbing fluid inside of your vagina that is discharged with a very foul odor, and one way to get rid of that problem is by douching.

Douching: What Is It?

Douching is basically used to clean the inside of your vagina so that the discomfort that is caused by the uncleanliness brought about by the yeast infection can be countered. The solution that makes up the douche is basically shot up in the vagina like a spray and it is discharged from the same area, taking away the unwanted mess inside along with it.

There are multiple benefits to douching if you are unfortunately facing a vaginal yeast infection.

  1. Feel Cleaner

Most of the discomfort that comes about because of infections is not due to the swelling or redness in the area due to the infections; it is because of what is inside the region that keeps on discharging making the smell and feeling unbearable for you.

Douches for yeast infections can be really effective in the sense that they can clean up what is inside much more effectively than what you can simply achieve in a bath and the comfort that comes about immediately after cannot be undermined.

  1. Balance Restoration

Many scientists oppose douching in times when you do not have any infection in the sensitive region because they can end up breaking the balance that exists between the different types of bacteria in the vaginal region.

When you have a yeast infection, however, that balance has already been torn apart and the number of bad bacteria starts rising a lot relative to the good kind. If you douche with the right kind of solution, you can lead to that uncontrolled growth getting back in form.

When to Douche?

The prospect of being able to feel much cleaner from the inside, especially in the vaginal region is quite exciting because douches for yeast infections bring about this magical aura around them that they can fix everything.

The trouble is that if there is no bacterial or yeast growth then douching can actually lead to harm because you are interfering with the natural acidic system of your organ. Make it a point that you do not go about douching without reason because without an infection you do not have to be concerned about thoroughly cleaning yourself up from the inside.


Douches for yeast infections can be great in terms of pain-relieving if you are suffering from an overgrowth infection, but at the end of the day, it is important to understand that it is not permanent medication and neither is it very safe for use.

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