Bad Weather Driving Myths Busted

Almost everyone has been given “expert” driving suggestions that do not only sound absurd but misinformed as well. We are here to unfold some of the worst driving tips/myths only if you are willing to take risks for.

1. Powerful All-Wheel Drive

You might have heard your friends as well as some car gurus arguing and stressing over the fact that All-wheel drive vehicles drive better in snowy conditions. While it may put in some sense of security in vehicle owners, it does not stand true in reality. There is no doubt that All-Wheel drive vehicles drive better in snowy and ice conditions but you still have to have experience. You simply cannot expect to put your car on a snowy road and control it by itself. It needs proper speed, braking and control. It is not about the car you are driving, rather the person behind the wheel.

2. High Beams in Fog

This could be the most absurd tip you might have ever received. This tip/myth is not only dangerous for you but for others on the road as well. People have with time put in so much belief in this myth that they actually do resort to using high beams in fog. Whereas, high beams in fog will actually make things worse for you.

Light tends to spread in fog and make things more difficult for you. It can serve as a distraction for the incoming traffic as well as the motorists going in front. If you happen to live in a country or a city that experiences fog through the year, it is best to get aftermarket fog lights installed, if you have them already installed, use them instead of high beams.

3. Warming Up the Car in Cold

The winter season experiences this myth in practice. Warming up the car has seemed to stuck onto people for a while now. The reason warming up the car in the cold is simply a myth because newer engines do not require warm ups and they only waste fuel by doing this. Many people tend to give short accelerations to warm up as well, which is equally illogical.

A minute or two is sufficient for your car to reach the optimum temperature, your windows to defrost and for oil to get heated. Warming up the car on idle in the driveway for ten or more minutes is simply wasting fuel.

4. Deflating Tires in Snow

You just believed it right away, did not you? Deflating tires are going to do nothing as much as preventing accidents is concerned. Deflating them unnecessarily is going to cause more wear and tear. The chances of the tires blowing out increase as well. If you live in an area that sees snow or wet roads all year around, you might want to consider investing in some good quality winter and snow tires. Snow tires will give you the traction required without deflating them. They are specifically designed and manufactured for the purpose. Regular tires will not be able to grip as much since they have been manufactured for a different purpose.


Be aware what to do in bad or cold weather and what not to do. For example, for foggy condition, do get aftermarket fog lights to avoid any misshaping.

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