4 Misconceptions Regarding Aftermarket Auto Parts Debunked

The idea of repairing your car/auto parts can be jarring, but it’s not too challenging. If you take your car to the official manufacturer or an authorized dealer, they can easily fix your car parts problem. However, bringing to them for servicing means you need to spend a considerable amount of money on OEM parts. That’s why most car owners prefer getting their car repair and the parts replaced from an independent shop where they replace their parts with aftermarket parts at a reasonable price. Aftermarket auto parts are great value for money, but they don’t offer the same quality as OEM parts. This can cause unnecessary worries and confusion for car owners; they also might think that aftermarket parts are no good. That’s not true! You need to know the right places for buying good quality aftermarket parts. As aftermarket parts come in with lots of skepticism, we tried to disperse some misconceptions regarding them.

Aftermarket car parts invalidate the warranty

Replacing your current car parts with aftermarket doesn’t invalidate the warranty. The manufacturer won’t ask you to buy original parts from them, and neither does this invalidates your car’s warranty. The only time an aftermarket part may create problems when the parts inflict any damage to your car. Therefore, as long as the new aftermarket parts don’t interfere with your car’s longevity, it won’t void your car’s warranty.

Repair shops will refuse using aftermarket parts

It doesn’t necessarily happen; repair shops only mean repairing your car and generate income. Hence there shouldn’t be an issue for repair facilities to install the parts. What they can do is, refuse to offer a warranty on that part. Other than that, we don’t think you will be facing any problems. It’s best to ask the shop if they deal with aftermarket car auto parts and offers a warranty. This will help you locate the right shop.

Aftermarket parts reduce your car’s value

Refurbished car parts are restored and remanufactured and go through specific quality inspection before being put on the market. So, aftermarket parts come with value and warranty, like OEM parts. And therefore, what you will be getting is high quality. Just make sure you buy aftermarket products from legitimate stores, or else you will end up buying inferior quality goods, which can reduce your car’s value.

Aftermarket parts aren’t worthwhile

That’s not true at all! Aftermarket parts are cheaper but are greater than used parts. They go through various testing and inspection process before packaging. While buying OEM parts is worthwhile, you are likely paying extra money for the brand name. To avoid spending way too much money, car owners often purchase aftermarket parts. Think this way, if aftermarket parts are that bad, why are they still getting sold like hotcakes? Since they are produced in bulk, you get the aftermarket auto body parts at a lower price.


There you go! We have debunked all the misconceptions about aftermarket parts for you. Don’t fear or get confused; aftermarket auto parts are worth your money, and we guarantee you. We just advise you to buy from valid sources.

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