Things You Need To Know Before Travelling from Pariss To to London

Travelling, who doesn’t like travelling? The world loves it, don’t you?

Well, if you’re a travelling freak and are planning to travel from Paris to London, this article undoubtedly is the tea in your cup.

There are three kinds of sites and locations which normally grab your attention and those are:

  • Natural beauty and scenery
  • Technologically developed countries
  • Historical locations

London, in this scenario, falls somewhere between the second and third category. It is as technologically advanced as historically rich it has always been. The historical heritage and ancient architectures are waiting to welcome you, especially if you are travelling to London from Paris with love.

But before you catch your train to travel from Paris to London, take a look below to find out all the things you need to know:

1. Enormous Diversity

London is a home to millions around the globe and especially to the South Asians. As soon as you land in this multi-cultural city, you won’t be surprise to see nationals and immigrants living together and too peacefully.

South Asians reside in huge numbers. It is hard to believe that Pakistanis and Indians there do not bring up their old age and arch rivalries except for the day they go one on one on the cricket field.

2. Avail the Oyster Card

Try to remain economical while travelling in this city. Using an Oyster Card will assist you throughout your journey from Heathrow Airport till Buckingham Palace.

Oyster Card will provide you with the perk of discounted travelling. Not only this, but after 3 to 4 journeys, the remaining travel be cost free.

3. Cost Free Museums, Art Galleries and Another Places Worth Visiting

This is the most fascinating thing about London. The fact that they realize the importance of their culture, history and heritage is literally apparent from this.

Oyster Card alongside this facility would make your travel from Paris to London worthwhile

Some of these places are as follows:

But, at any expense, do not forget to visit and experience the ancient vibes at BAKER’S STREET because the name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker’s street.

4. Train and Car Hire Service

If you are French or someone who is travelling to London from Paris, this is something you should know before spending your money.

Availing the EuroStar train facility is the most suitable option to step in London from Paris. It will get you at St. Pancras International within a blink of an eye (Not as fast though).

However, if you prefer comfort, security and luxury while travelling from Paris to London, there are many professional car hire service available in Paris. You can book black car service at much affordable price. Some of them even offer highly trained multilingual chauffeur too.

5. Restaurants to French

When it comes to restaurants, you literally would have a wide variety to choose from if you are travelling from to London from Paris.

These are some restaurants, cafes and bistros which have caught up with fame in recent times: