Why You Should Use PDF Rather Than Word Documents

You’ll find there so many formats for your documents. The most used and famous ones are PDF and Word. But, many people ask which one is the best of these two formats. In fact, there are some differences in terms of data accuracy and some other facts. Such as, PDF files are universal that means you can use them on all platform, unlike Word documents.

These include Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. But, if you’re a Mac user, you know the system doesn’t work well with Word files. Besides, PDF has the option of keeping with password protection, so you can keep your documents safe. In addition to these, let’s know some other reasons and about merge PDF online free.


Before aiming to convert into PDF file, someone makes a Word file. But, Word files lose their writing style if you transfer them onto Mac or Android or your laptop. But, PDF files remain constant lie a stone wherever you send them regardless of the platforms.

Even Word documents lose the style of its originality when you open them on other MS Word edition. However, PDF files remain the same regardless of the devices and the version of PDF.


As the global businesses are facing the issue of frequent cyber-attacks, this puts your private files to higher risk. Especially, the documents have been digitalized in the world. In this case, there is a higher risk of creating documents on MS Word. It’s because it’s not able to protect itself from wrong hands.

But, if you use PDF, you’ll get higher security as you can protect your files using a password. When you use a password for your PDF files, it’s not so easy to break by any outsiders. As a result, so many business owners keep trust in the PDF file system that keeps their files safe from cyber-attacks.

Besides, you’ll be able to secure your files with the help of PDF format. So, nobody will find any way to change your contents without your permission. That’s why the legal users say that they depend on the PDF for their electronic files. This is because they’re satisfied with this system.


It’s an easy process to convert your any documents, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. The apps of PDF converter have made things easier for their users. As a result, you’re able to create your any files into PDF. Although it might look hard to use PDF apps, actually they’re very easy to use.

Reduces File Size

As PDF converts files without losing their quality when pdf compressor online free, it’s well known for this superiority. Also, it’ll help you reduce the size of your files while converting them into PDF. Moreover, you have the option to make a single PDF with a combination of different files formats like MS Word, MS Excel, and many others.

Apart from these, you’ll be able to use PDF apps on your mobile devices in the same way you use it on your desktop or laptop.