Work from Home: Tips to Balance Work & Life in Pandemic

You know the beauty of the office of 9 to 5. But, that’s not more because of the pandemic of COVID-19. It has killed the separation of home and work life after the outbreak of coronavirus. As a freelancer, many people like me don’t worry about their work.

And they’re not worried about their work and home life while working from home. Similarly, I am doing both, and I am doing that constantly. I am not an expert in balancing my work life with home life at all.

Also, I don’t find any secret recipes for separating these two lives and no ways to solve daily different challenges. But, I can share some of my thoughts and tips that may help you overcome the issues of home and work life.

So, before you look for “COVID 19 testing near me”, let’s dive into the tips and thoughts.

Use the Breaks Sensibly

It goes for the lunch break and that 5-to-10-minute mental break we all disperse right through the day. Also, for the people that need reminding, this is OK to get 5 minutes to have a cup of coffee to stretch. Gravely, the whole thing is great if you do that.

Indeed, I am not an avid believer that a large number of tasks. It’s at least the ones you need to do regularly. That the tasks require need active afford of 5 to 10 minutes. Probably, it’s because I am living in a tiny apartment. Do you need a moment to consider the most excellent way to come near a customer email?

So, go and sort the laundry. If you are stuck on ending the most recent proposal, wash some or all of the dishes. I am familiar with the temptation to use the break times to check your social media or do nothing. And go for it if that’s what you want for your mental recharge.

Make a Schedule for Self-Care

I have been struggling with something for a couple of weeks, but I’ve found that I really like it. Build your perfect routine for self-care: again, from the moment you get up to the time you’re ready for bed, irrespective of emotional resources or time accessible.

If you wish, you can put dates on stuff, but I noticed that I favored a rough order over a timetable. For instance, if I loaded a full day with self-care, I will study in the morning before work.

Go out for walking in the afternoon, cook a special meal with fresh ingredients, video talk with people, try to know the update news of this pandemic virus and about how to search “COVID testing site near me”, then do my full facial cleanser before actually going to bed. I don’t believe I’ve ever handled a day like it before.

Drop Down the Plastic Balls Rather Than the Glass Ones

The famous romance author Nora Roberts suggested this advice. She assumes that we always cope with the things we need to do. In this case, she featured balls that are going to drop. Dropping plastic balls are life rather than the glass ones.

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