Top 3 Free Medical Image Sharing Apps for iOS

Cloud-based DICOM image viewers have made it possible to access medical images from any device, e.g. smartphone, PC, tablet, workstation, etc. There are a lot of medical image sharing apps available in the Apple store that can be bought but they are quite pricey. We are going to list the top 3 medical image sharing apps that are free for use and that run on iOS. You can conveniently view your medical images on them.


Keiron is a DICOM viewer which is made for iOS users. It has a quite simple, user-friendly interface that comes with a custom layout for iPad devices. This app allows its users to view, analyze, and annotate DICOM medical images. It has exclusive diagnostic tools that are necessary for radiology and it gives its users rapid access to biomedical images.

It can connect and sync data from PACS servers, display and compare series of images with real-time browsing, and provide advanced search with the PACS. Annotation and inspection images with Regions of Interest is also possible. Users can store data in the app and can share those data through email or Dropbox.


iPexera is another free DICOM medical image management software compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It was the first app to have the ability to add DICOM images from PC, CD, or flash drive directly to the iPad through local sync via iTunes. It has a direct interface with PaxeraView, which is a diagnostic viewing workstation for Paxeramed.

With the help of generic speech recognition, users can write a report via the embedded reporting tool and send it by email or save it on the app. It supports DICOM Cine with interactive playback controls. Users can display and navigate through the DICOM images by an interactive slider and zoom, pan, rotate, and measure distance through two-fingers drag and pinch. It’s compatible with iOS 7.0 and later versions.

Mobile MIM

Mobile MIM is used for viewing, registering, fusion, and display medical images from Ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, PET, CT, SPECT scans. It can be used for contours, DVH, and isodose curves from radiation treatment. It provides its users with wireless and portable access to medical images. It has a powerful and intuitive interface with a 3D depth-shaded MIP movie.

The data is secured and encrypted and can be shared using MIMcloud or MIM 5.1 and later version of the software. Medical images can also be shared using Bluetooth and WiFi. This app should not be used for mammography and should be only used when there is no need or no access to a workstation.


We have not included any paid DICOM image viewing and sharing apps here. The apps mentioned above are all free and compatible with iOS devices. They can all be found in the Apple store. Keep in mind that not all these apps are FDA approved, so using them for commercial purposes may not be a good idea.