Top 10 Things You Don’t Know About Mobility Scooters

It is no secret that transportable mobility scooters are changing lives all around the world. People from all genres of life who face any sort of physical disability no longer have to face dependence and helplessness. The credit goes to the transportable mobility scooters of course. There are several interesting and attention-grabbing facts about mobility scooters. These facts will surely interest if you have any plans to buy mobility scooters in the forerun or if you already own one!

1. Existence in Chine Back In 6th Century

An image that was found on a brick slate in China offers proof that wheelchairs and scooters are not a modern invention. They even existed back in the sixth century.

2. Used by the US President In 1933

Franklin Roosevelt was the first American president who used a mobility scooter within the White House premises for almost 13 years after he developed polio. However, back in the day disability was viewed as a rather a curse and hence there is no photograph of the President.

3. Exclusively Designed for King of Spain

In the 16th century, the King of Spain used a mobility wheelchair. This wheelchair was exclusively designed back then for the King with arm and leg rests. Interestingly, such mobility vehicles are commonly available these days.

4. Design Is Inspired from Motorbikes

Mobility scooters have been clearly inspired from motorcycles. The first mobility scooter was designed and released in 1914. It looks exactly the same like a bike but only differed in functions.

5. Amigo – First Ever Medical Mobility Scooter to Be Created

The first medical mobility scooter was named Amigo. This scooter was designed by Allan R. Thieme for a family who all suffered from multiple sclerosis.

6. Amigo and Following Revolution

The Amigo scooter was used by the entire disabled family. Amigo brought a notable revolution in the world of mobility scooters and wheelchairs. The stigma that overshadowed their use was risen after Amigo was released in 1968.

7. Mobility Scooters Ran on Fuel and Gas

The first few mobility scooters that were medically designed only worked on fuel. There was no concept of electrically chargeable scooters back then. The scooters back in the day ran on fuel just like normal cars.

8. Modern Mobility Scooters That Are Rechargeable Battery Driven

The modern mobility scooters are made with rechargeable batteries. The invention of electricity has drastically impacted the creation of mobility scooters as well.

9. Cost of Mobility Scooters

The cost of a mobility scooter with rechargeable batteries is almost 2 times less than an average priced car. However, it serves the same transportation function for the disabled and is driven on roads with normal cars.

10. No Driver License Required

A driving license is not required to drive transportable mobility scooters. Unlike cars and motorbikes, mobility scooters can be ridden without a license. The only requirement is registration of the scooter.