5 Parenting Tips For 9-Month-Old Babies

Being a mom to a 9 months old baby myself, I can totally relate raising these tiny adorable humans is not so easy. Though I am also learning with time you know it is a never-ending process and all you need to do is just take the charge!

So, here are a few tips that I want to share with you all.

  1. Listen to Everyone but Follow Your “Parent-Instinct”

No parent would like anything bad for their babies, but as you know we all have so many advisors giving their precious not-so-needed advises every time and everywhere. So yes, listen to them but do not follow every advice blindly. From parent instinct I mean exactly what you think is right for your baby because none other can tell you what is good for your baby better than your very own “parent instinct”. Sorry if I sound offensive but this is what I have been through almost every single day, so try to be humble as not all advisers are bad to follow.

  1. Food

At this age, try to keep everything organic. Especially if your baby is taking top fed milk, choose the best organic goat milk formula available in the market.

  1. Avoid Excessive Shopping

At this age, your baby is in a growing stage. You may notice a change in their bodies every month starting from seven months of age. Though you will see a number of cute and lovely baby dresses and shoes in the market and your inner feeling of Oh-I-So-Want-It-For-My-Baby immediately comes in your mind but trust me your baby is growing out of it very soon, maybe even in a few days. So, be patient and try to buy only the necessary things at this age.

However, for food, ever comprise. Your needs Holle goat milk formula? So, be it!

  1. Don’t Worry About the Mess

Your baby is learning a new thing every single day. So, try not to be so over-protective parent as you are being nothing but a hurdle in their learning process. Leave them on the floor, let them play & stop worrying about the mess. The mess can be tidied up but your baby will not become a little exploring monster again. Be gentle and play with them helping to explore more about this new world of them.

  1. Zero Screen Time

Yes, zero means ZERO screen time. It is even difficult for me to believe but yeah, I have been successful in this thing so far till now and plan to continue further as well. Apart from health disadvantages, allowing screen time for even a half an hour to your babies is going to be miserable for you in future, mark my words, miserable!

I have seen my siblings fighting this cruel habit of their kids so I am just trying to be cautious at this stage and advising you the same.

Other quick tips also include:

  • Be patient and think twice before giving any reaction
  • Take a break. Don’t be too hard on yourself
  • Accept these adorable changes gently
  • Bond with your baby as much as you can

Enjoy and cherish every moment spent with your tiny humans, they are going to be grown-ups in a wink of an eye. See, it has already been nine months.