What Are the Types of Body Mount Bushings?

Body mount bushings are responsible for being the buffer in between your car’s frame and body. They prevent metal on metal contact which reduces the vibrations and noise caused by the engine. Body mount bushings are made out of high quality materials which are pretty good for preventing friction. There are two main type of bushings for your car. One is made out of rubber and the other is polyurethane. So if your car’s body mount bushings are damaged and you need to replace them then what do you buy? Well, here in the following passages I will discuss about the types of bushings so that you can make an informed decision.

Rubber Body Mount Bushings

You can find these bushings in every car from 1996 to earlier. These are also the factory bushings for all the trucks and SUVs out there. The rubber mount bushings are pretty common in the market and they provide a softer cushion that absorbs vibrations more than the other type. Having a rubber bushing is environment friendly as well. This is because it is made from rubber which is a plant-based material. 

However, rubber bushings are not really that durable. They tend to wear out with time. Also they are not as sturdy as polyurethane. If you want bushings that you last you a lifetime, then rubber bushings are not for you. These bushings will need replacement after use. However, the duration isn’t so less as to you would need regular replacement. But they are certainly much less durable than polyurethane. 

Polyurethane Body Mount Bushing

The polyurethane body mount bushings are also known as universal body mount bushings. These are the most durable of the two types of body mount bushings. The polyurethane bushings are good insulators and they are pretty resistant to abrasion and damage. Unlike rubber bushings they are much sturdier and can be responsible for a stiffer ride. You won’t get the same cushioning effect that you can with rubber bushings.

However, one great thing about these bushings is that once you change them you won’t need to anymore. They will last the entire lifetime of the car. The polyurethane bushings are not without their bad side. Since, the material is artificial it contains volatile chemicals. These chemicals may leak out and get into your car. If you have asthma problems, then it can induce an attack which can be deadly for you. So make sure you check the body mount before doing anything.

Choosing The Right Body Mount Bushing

So you see these are the two different types of body mount bushings available. No car body mount bushing kit are made the same. However, they usually come with washers and the inner sleeves required to locate the bushings together. Getting the universal body mount bushing kit is a great way to save money and time. It also ensures longevity. But, it may not be worth the risk. 

While accidents like asthma attacks have rarely happened it is good to be vigilant. Make sure you check the products and get high quality bushing kit. This will ensure your safety. If you don’t mind replacing the body mount bushings again then you can opt for the rubber ones. These provide with a smoother ride and is good for the environment. At the end of the day you have to weigh the pros and cons for you and choose the right one that suits you.

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